Crescent Ridge
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Crescent Ridge and Parc Homeowners' Association


Our original landscape (installed by Auburn Oaks/Auburn Hills) has matured nicely in the past years at the entrances on Crystal Drive and Bridge Park (including the boulevard strip). Autumn Joy sedum, Stella D’oro daylilies, ornamental grasses, lilacs, red Barberry, Knock-out roses and spirea have provided year round interest with their differing colors and textures. A few grasses and yews needed to be replaced when the original plants perished after harsh winter weather. A couple of Autumn Blaze Maple trees were planted on the Bridge Park Boulevard at the completion of the north side sidewalk connecting to the one adjacent to Crooks Road. At Crystal, the dead/suffering maples on the south curbside boulevard were replaced with 4 matching trees and they were deeply watered this year to encourage their growth and longevity.
Mums will be planted in the fall when the timing is ideal. The Board is always interested in any donated perennials that would help us to add more plantings and color to the cul-de-sacs and/or entrances while trying to keep our costs down.
For any questions contact JoAnn from your Homeowners Association. Email Link: Joann Luzynski


The Board continues to maintain the evergreens and trees bordering our subdivision.  As branches brown and the trees become detrimental to the overall appearance of the subdivision along Crooks Road, we feel that it was important to replace these trees. The Austrian pines are being replaced as the trees brown and are overcome by the fungus that is attacking older trees around the state.  In an ongoing effort to rid our neighborhood of this problem, approximately 24 of the pines have been replaced with a hardier type of pine.  The mandatory back flow checks have been done annually as required by the city of Troy.  There have been several leaks in the sprinkler system discovered and the repairs have been completed. Classic Landscape and several volunteer homeowners continue to maintain the area under and around the plantings/trees making it appealing to homeowners, passing traffic and visitors to our subdivision.  A couple of burning bushes have been replaced when they died.


Each year, we continue to install holiday lighting at both of our front entrances.  The Board feels this beautiful eye-catching display is enjoyed greatly by the homeowners (many neighbors have written notes to voice their appreciation for their festive presence when coming in-and-out of our subdivision).  Also the green & white lights greet visitors, drivers on Crooks and any prospective buyers entering our neighborhood from Thanksgiving into the new year.