Crescent Ridge
Crescent Parc

Crescent Ridge and Parc Homeowners' Association

The Subdivision Association By-laws and Deed Restrictions, which are actually two different and distinct documents, establish and provide the subdivision homeowners’ rules, responsibilities, and obligations. These important documents were drafted and filed with the county by the developer of our subdivision (Biltmore Properties) back in the late 1980’s to help protect and enhance our homeowner habitation and enjoyment and, importantly, to help preserve are home ownership investment.

Among the numerous provisions and/or subjects covered in these documents are:

· The payment of subdivision dues are mandatory; if dues are unpaid, then fees can be assessed and liens filed on the property.
· A Board of Directors is elected by the subdivision association members at the Annual Meeting, which is held each calendar year.
· Dogs may not run loose or unattended; a leash is required.
· Homeowners may not use BB guns, firearms, air rifles, or the like within the subdivision.
· Lawns and landscaping must be well-maintained at all times, and lots may not be used as a dumping ground for trash, garbage, or other waste.
· Commercial vehicles, boats, or trailers of any kind may not be parked or stored on any Lot unless kept fully enclosed within the garage.
· Out-of-ground swimming pools are prohibited.
· Fences are generally prohibited; exceptions include enclosing in-ground swimming pools and authorized dog runs/pens.
· The wetlands must be preserved and not tampered with in any way.
· Mailboxes must be in compliance with US Postal regulations and are the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain, and separate boxes for newspapers and the like are not allowed.

Because all Crescent Ridge/Parc Subdivision homeowners are legally bound by these two important documents, please be sure you are aware of them.  If you need a copy of the By-laws and Deed Restrictions, you may download these below .

If you have troubling downloading these documents or have a question about the by laws and deed restrictions,please email us at: By Laws